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Latest Album - Nour (2017)

  1. El Ossa W Ma Feeha2:27
  2. Nour4:09
  3. Hayk El Nass2:38
  4. La Bel Haki4:29
  5. Hzar3:06
  6. Leli Ya Lel3:10
  7. Al Khafif3:59
  8. Mbareh2:34
  9. Yeb'a Enna4:05
  10. Mafraa Amshit3:09
  11. Eza Shi Nhar4:44
  12. Shou Awlak4:00
  13. El Noss El Melyan4:28
  14. Al Khafif (JMR Dance Mix)3:35

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Chou Awlak

Kawkab Tany (Teenage Dirtbag Cover)


Adonis is a four-piece Lebanese pop/rock band.

Formed in 2011, the band’s debut single “Stouh Adonis” (2012) quickly became a hit in Lebanon. The band has since performed at major venues and festivals across the Arab world, releasing three studio albums, and writing music for Netflix, Pepsi, Lipton, and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

After Adonis’ debut LP “Daw El Baladiyyi” (2011), a candid portrait of the band’s hometown, and its follow-up “Men Shou Bteshki Beirut” (2013), a series of musings over the city’s contradictions, comes “Nour” (2017), the band’s third album, which explores broader themes and introduces electronic elements to the band’s soundscape.



أحيت الفرقة اللبنانية "أدونيس" حفلاً مميّزاً في HNGR بالعاصمة اللبنانية بيروت، حيث أشعلت الأجواء بأغانيها المميّزة التي تعكس الواقع وتحاكي قصصاً يعيشها معظم...

Blog +961

"Their music isn’t sophisticated and I simply like how they mix Arabic lyrics and traditional sounds with international influences."


"Your favorite local pop/rock band Adonis is firing up the stage at HNGR today for an incredible mid-week concert! Doesn't that sound like...

The Daily Star

"With new album on the way, Adonis ready to rock Beirut"


 "Fort d’une ascension rapide et d’un succès bien mérité au Liban et à l’étranger, le groupe Adonis a toujours su garder son identité...

Scene Noise

“The song provides us with everything a solid pop-rock love ballad should offer. Add some string elements, playful lyrics and the hymn for...

Mojeh Men (UAE)

“Their music, which manages to marry traditional Arabic sounds with international influences, captured the hearts and ears of fans across the region.”

Journal Misr (Egypt)

“With the release of La Bel Haki, the band gave its audience a hint of its highly anticipated third album. The song’s widespread...

Arab News (UAE)

“The four-piece have since established themselves as one of the most popular independent bands in the Arab music scene.”

Ayn (Egypt)

“Adonis return to Egypt with two shows scheduled In its latest album Nour, Adonis delivers a fresh and concentrated dose of music, making...

Al Joumhouria (Lebanon)

“With its singular lyrics and melodies Adonis was able to secure a special spot on the independent Arab music scene becoming the voice...

Al Ahram (Egypt)

“Adonis to bring music, poetry and a scent of Lebanon's small-town to Egypt Adonis’ fan base has grown significantly in Lebanon and beyond....

Al Modon (Lebanon)

“Adonis’ songs don’t let you in too quickly; but they don’t kick you out either. They flicker, at once distant and familiar, sharp...

L’Orient Le Jour (Lebanon)

“The band’s (very good) music videos gave Adonis the boost it needed to spread on a wider scale, and headline local music shows,...


The Adonis Collection

This limited-edition box set includes the band’s three albums “Nour”, “Men Shou Bteshki Beirut” and “Daw El Baladiyyi”.

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