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Latest Album - Nour (2017)

  1. El Ossa W Ma Feeha2:27
  2. Nour4:09
  3. Hayk El Nass2:38
  4. La Bel Haki4:29
  5. Hzar3:06
  6. Leli Ya Lel3:10
  7. Al Khafif3:59
  8. Mbareh2:34
  9. Yeb'a Enna4:05
  10. Mafraa Amshit3:09
  11. Eza Shi Nhar4:44
  12. Shou Awlak4:00
  13. El Noss El Melyan4:28
  14. Al Khafif (JMR Dance Mix)3:35

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Adonis is a four-piece Lebanese band formed in 2011. The band first came into sight with its debut single “Stouh Adonis” (2012), a pop-folk hymn relating mischievous night-time adventures on the rooftops of a small suburban town. The band has since performed at major venues and independent festivals across the Arab world, releasing three studio albums, and writing music for Netflix, Pepsi, Lipton, Brazil’s Globo TV, and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

Produced by Jean-Marie Riachi, the band’s third album “Nour” (2017) consecrated Adonis as one of the leading Arabic independent music acts, and allowed it to achieve its first mainstream success through the album’s lead single “Eza Shi Nhar”. 

Adonis will be launching its fourth album “12 Sa3a” at the Jounieh International Festival, on July 18, 2019.


The National

“Ever since forming in 2011, the band has built a following in the country and the wider region, with relatable tales set to...

L’Orient Le Jour

Translated from French: “At Adonis shows, spectators become one, hugging and singing, at the top of their lungs, tunes that have become references...


“The band's success was echoing at HNGR music venue in Karantina, Lebanon on February 13; which marked the most recent performance in their...


“From the rooftops of a village in Lebanon, to concert stages abroad, Adonis is capturing the hearts of fans with their relatable lyrics...


“With a sound that merges pop-rock and electronic music with Arabic rhythms and sounds, Adonis forms an integral part of the burgeoning alternative...

The Daily Star

“Adonis’ signature style has endeared the group to younger audiences and the international generation of Arabs living abroad.”


“Following a rapid growth and a well-deserved success in Lebanon and overseas, Adonis has retained its distinct identity while allowing its sound to...

Scene Noise

“The song provides us with everything a solid pop-rock love ballad should offer. Add some string elements, playful lyrics and the hymn for...

Mojeh Men (UAE)

“Their music, which manages to marry traditional Arabic sounds with international influences, captured the hearts and ears of fans across the region.”

Journal Misr (Egypt)

“With the release of La Bel Haki, the band gave its audience a hint of its highly anticipated third album. The song’s widespread...

Arab News (UAE)

“The four-piece have since established themselves as one of the most popular independent bands in the Arab music scene.”

Ayn (Egypt)

“Adonis return to Egypt with two shows scheduled In its latest album Nour, Adonis delivers a fresh and concentrated dose of music, making...

Al Joumhouria (Lebanon)

“With its singular lyrics and melodies Adonis was able to secure a special spot on the independent Arab music scene becoming the voice...

Al Ahram (Egypt)

“Adonis to bring music, poetry and a scent of Lebanon's small-town to Egypt Adonis’ fan base has grown significantly in Lebanon and beyond....

Al Modon (Lebanon)

“Adonis’ songs don’t let you in too quickly; but they don’t kick you out either. They flicker, at once distant and familiar, sharp...

L’Orient Le Jour (Lebanon)

“The band’s (very good) music videos gave Adonis the boost it needed to spread on a wider scale, and headline local music shows,...


The Adonis Collection

This limited-edition box set includes the band’s three albums “Nour”, “Men Shou Bteshki Beirut” and “Daw El Baladiyyi”.

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