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Latest Album - Hadis El Layl (2022)

  1. Metlak Ma L'it (Anyone Like You)2:46
  2. Estesna'i (Exceptional)3:41
  3. Meshta'lak (To Miss You)3:45
  4. Hadis El Layl (Night Talks)3:36
  5. Ekhsarak (To Lose You)3:26
  6. Allamni (She Taught me)3:52
  7. Am Fakkir Fik (To Think About You)3:27
  8. Hayda Ana (And Then There’s Me)3:34
  9. Bass Bi Hal (Just in Case)3:44
  10. Ma Endi Fekra (I have no clue)3:26

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Allamni (Live at Anghami Sessions)


Nater (Live in Beirut)


Ekhsarak (Live in Batroun)


Renowned for their electrifying live shows and emotive lyrics, Adonis has been, for over a decade, re-shaping the sound of modern Lebanese music.

Adonis is a Lebanese rock band formed in 2011 by Anthony Adonis (vocals, keys) and Joey Abou Jawdeh (guitars). The pair, who met during their university days studying architecture together, were later joined by Nicola Hakim on drums and Gio Fikany on bass guitar.

Written in the Lebanese dialect, and tackling themes of identity and belonging, many of their songs, such as “Yeb’a Enna” and “Al Khafif”, have become anthems across the Arabic-speaking world.

Adonis has, so far, released 6 studio albums and performed sold-out shows at concert venues and festivals around the world, such as the Amman Roman Amphitheatre (Jordan), the Carthage International Festival (Tunisia), and the Baalbeck International Festival (Lebanon).


Adonis A'da T-shirts

To celebrate the release of its fifth studio album “A’da (Enemies)”, Adonis launches two brand new T-shirt designs inspired by the album’s retro video game theme.

Hadis El Layl notebooks

The limited edition notebook features hand-written extracts from Adonis’ ‘Hadis Al Layl’ album interspersed within its pages.

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